Saturday, November 21, 2009

Simple Beauty

I've taken you for granted.
Jealous of the colors i've not seen
but i have you right in front of me
And its like, i couldn't even hear you..
Even if you screamed.

Dear God,
Forgive us.
thank you for my sight
If it were ever taken away from me
i'd cry
and tantrum,
all night

Dear God,
I love you
for the people that matter most
the ones who have always been here
and for showing the ones who coast.

Dear Lord,
I'm grateful
for the god
and everything in between

Dear Lord,
Im just happy, i got anything.

I promise to love things that are small
So that when the big come, I can tell the difference.

the simple things that most look over

simple gestures like, a comforting hand on the shoulder.

or the green trees that turn to brown

or being able to smell...

the simple beauty thats been here long before i was created.

thank you.

I've said it before....

But, you didn't listen

shoved off the thought as if...I, was trippin.

now your stuck

hearts all twisted...

just think...

it would have been easy...

had you listend..

So i guess....

this is....

I told you so!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Chris Brown- Graffiti Album

Although the Graffiti Album is not official released...well...I've got it like that! I've listen to the Album in its entirety and I've come to the conclusion...Chris will never be the same. We all know about the "beating" and stories of what happened blah blah bullshit! I don't care to know what happened, I just wish he hadn't let it consume his music. The whole album is about Rihanna, and his attempted to win her back. Dear Chris, let it go! I know that when you love someone it is indeed hard to let them go easily, but its fucking with his head, his music..and damnit its fucking with me thoroughly enjoying the Chris we all used to love. I want 'Take you down' Chris, I loved 'Poppin' Chris, and 'Wall to Wall' Chris. I don't want to hear him sad and depressed, I don't like the 'Crawl' Chris. And every time I see a new photo of him, his eyes just don't look the same. I'm sad for him, I'm sad at the whole situation. I MISS CHRIS!!!!

Dear Chris, I am praying for you, I wish you the best of everything. Please return to us safely!!!

P.S: The Album cover...WACK...who designed that fuckery? It has nothing to do with Graffiti! I see outer space and some little demon at the

but...thats just my two cents that nobody asked for.

Sad face

Another tattoo

Although I don't understand it...I think its beautiful..

Its not for me to understand.


umm, very artistic....but, demons on your tongue?

hell no!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


They're an expression...

of how you feel,

who you are....where you live,

what you love

what you believe.......

What do you believe???

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Dear Procrastinator,

Who lives within…

Move out…


I hate you,

You’ve caused me to fumble many successes,

Lose plenty sleep

I don’t like the way you’ve made me

So coy and so meek

I wasn’t built this way

It happened when fear moved in

So you and your roomate fear,

Gotta go!!!

You only pay your dues

When it’s beneficial to you

And you’re constantly mingling with doubt

I can’t have those kinds of emotions occupying my space

This free living is over..

This is your eviction notice

Thank you,

Signed, Property Manager!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I confess...

I have a confession...

I am...

not who you think I am...

I have lied to you...and even worse to myself

I've been keeping this secret for quite some time

never knew the right time to expose the truth

it always seemed too soon.

i wasn't ready.

but now...I'm ready to embrace it.

Accept it.

I have a confession.

I'm not who you think I am.

I'm not the girl in the photos.

.......I'm the girl inside the girl the photos.

And I am ready to come forth.

Make a name for myself.

A photo can only tell you so much...

But I,

.....I can tell you everything.

I want to let you in

Explain my insecurities

Because in here...where i dwell...

there are many

but few i cannot concur!

I listened to Miley,

You know what she said?

"I can almost see it, that dream i'm dreaming but,

There's a voice inside my head says, you'll never reach it."

I know that voice, I know it so well

And you know what I say in return?


For speaking to it only makes it feel important.

I ignore it an move forward.

I confess....

Whats your confession?

Monday, November 2, 2009


I miss you...

Since you've been gone..

....I haven't been the same..

I've changed

I'll never forget the taste of you....

Your smell..

the way you ran your fingers through my hair

....and you'd tell me I was beautiful..

even with no make-up... you'd call me in the morning to wish me a good day...


I remember the good things..


i'll never forget the bad....