Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009


MUSIC MONDAY: This weeks SPOTLIGHT, four talented hip hop acts hailing from NE Ohio.


mixtape IT WILL NEVER MAKE SENSE available for download Sept. 25

(Under His Moon due for release in early 2010).


RedEYE DeadEYE 2010

Flash makes his mixtape debut on June 30th, releasing "Birth Of A Hero", presented by Giant Media and Elusion Clothing (, hosted by Emilio Sparks. He already done several shows in his home state and is now looking to get his music to people all over the world. Be on the lookout for Flash.G this year.



An eclectic minded individual whose mental state parallels galaxies and generations. Alone he stands, to be offered a position to lead his league to greatness. Patience, a distinct virtue of the kid hailing from Akron Ohio, where emerging as an only child for 14 years mutated the mental state of the being. The solitude made his character much equipped beyond years of his fellow peers.
Mixtape Mind over Matter Avaliable for download this fall!!!

KEYEL is a hip hop group hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, consisting of emcee’s Prose, Holy Moly, Pease, and DJ ESO. While the emcees have been childhood friends for many years, the collective that is now known as KEYEL was born from a mutual love of raw hip hop and appreciation of similar influences. The crew met DJ ESO while wyling out at a Slum Village show- and the beginning of a musical experience had begun. (Via

For more info on KEYEL visit


Sorry dear Blog. I miss you like you miss me!
I'll be back to give you love.
As soon as my charger comes.
Signed- Jess :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I blame ADAM music

I've started a writing/music group :)
Yay for me...climbing the latter of success!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

let's kiss

Stole this from Re'Anna Browne's Fb, I just thought it was adorable.
But she must have her credit! 0:-)


Do know who I am?
Can you see right thru me?
I don't think so.
So don't judge me.
I'm much deeper than the shell you see.
And I got a lot of parts to me.
You don't know what I go thru.
And I don't know the same of you.
Finger pointing is for fools.
Its like something you shoulda learned in elementary school.
I know I'm not perfection, never claim to be.
But it feels like the world is turning its head on me.
And thats okay.
Cause I flow against the current anyway.
I'm not asking for you to accept me.
All I want from the world is to respect me.
I run my own life, I spend my own time.
With God as my advisor and a friend on my side.
I got the whole world against me, but the lord always stays with me.
He'll never flake like the snow.
When I run dry of love to give his ever lasting river still flows.
But all I'm sayin is, without you. . . . I'm still good.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


September 19th 1988 I was born.
On September 19th 2009, I will be 21...wha the hell?
I still feel 12! lol
Ah well...Im legal now...
Happy Birthday self!
A pat on the back to me for not having any kids, not having a record and striving for my goals!
LA here I come!