Thursday, August 20, 2009

If you've got nothing from this....

well Idk what to tell you..

Think...Impossible IS possible.


Stars shine so bold
Lurking strangers,
Crisp cool air
The sun tucks down and makes the heat scurry


For the daylight,
Im in no hurry.

I love the night.
I stay awake for it,
Sleep when I get the chance,
Not wanting to chance...

Missing night.

Party time, hang out spot.

Moon light canvas.
Moods so right.

Everythings right....



Forget about tomorrow, for its already here

When the clock strikes twelve, marking it as midnight.

Some become worried, staying in with fright.

But they all miss the beauty.

Of the dark....cold of...


I think he's totally funny....

Behind every SUCCESSFUL person....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


He makes me warm inside....
Makes me smile so wide....
He even give me butterflies....
No ones ever done that....

Thats why...

He's special!

Monday, August 17, 2009


♥ Nictionary

The dictionary created by Nicki Minaj to walk pedestrians through her vocab and terminologies....


Official Secret Society Barbie Statement :

I'm a GIRL / and I'm RICH/ its BARBIE / YOU little BITCH!!!!!

Alfred Bitchcok : \ˈal-frəd - ˈbich - ˈkäk\ : noun

1: a term of endearment from one bitchy Harajuku Barbie to another. Generally used amongst BFF's.

Bad Bitch Check : \ˈbad - ˈbich - ˈchek\ : verb

1: is when a bad bitch looks in the mirror prior to an event in which stacks are involved.

Baldy Locks :\bal-dē-läks\: adjective

1: Good head.

Barbie Detention : \ˈbär-bē -di-ˈten-chən\ : noun

1: When the Harajuku Barbie herself puts one of her barbies on time-out for stating or doing something totally unfetch.

*only the HB can remove a barbie from Barbie Detention. Length of stay may vary.

*While on "BD" a barbie is required to do any task the "HB" asks of her in order to regain her position as a BARBIE. Tasks may vary.

Barbie Powers :/ˈbär-bē-pō-ər/:noun

1: to beam your thoughts to another Barbie without speaking.

2: to put a hex on strawberry shortcakes by wiggling your fingers at them.

BFF :/b-f-f/: noun

1: Barbie For FuckinEver

Bustitbarbie :\ˈbəst-ət-ˈbär-bēa\ : noun

1: a naughty barbie who knows how to make it up on her final exam.

Cater to your Ken Day:

One day a month when Barbie stops being a diva and grants her Ken's every wish

Chin Check : \ˈchin -ˈchek\ : verb

1: when an HB gets out of character to explain her fabulosity.

Chuckles : \ˈchə-kəl\ : verb

1: when a Harajuku Barbie laughs at the expense of one of her friends.

Doll House :\ˈdäl - ˈhau̇s\ : noun

1: a place where a Harajuku Barbie resides or stays while away on business.

Dolly Lama :/dä-lē-ˈlä-mə/: noun

1: a barbie that makes everyone around her feel at peace.

2: a problem solver.

3: the one you call when you're at your worst.

Fetch : \ˈfech\ : adjective

1: a term used to describe something a bitchy Harajuku Barbie really likes. *Only used with other HBs.

Gabbage Patch Kid :\ˈga-bij-pach-'kid\: noun

1: a bust down

2: a doll who wishes the barbies will adopt her.

GBR:\g-b-r\: verb

1: Abbreviation for "Got a Barbie Rollin".

Harajuku Barbie : \原宿\ : noun

1: refer to Harajuku.

Harajuku Ken : \原宿\ - noun

1: a man that "adds to" a "HB" by knowing when to "fall da fuk bak" and when to "step his dick up".


1: is an abbreviation of Harajuku Barbie.


1: is an abbreviation of Harajuku Ken.

It's BARBIE BITCH!!!!! : \əts - ˈbär-bē - ˈbich\

1: how Harajuku Barbies say good-bye.

Step Your Scotty Up : \ˈstep - yər - ˈskätē - əp\ : verb

1: refers to being up on the latest lyrics\lingo off of the new "Beam Me Up Scotty" CD.

Strawberry Shortcake : \ˈstrȯ-ˌber-ē - ˈshȯrt - ˈkāk\ : noun

1: a broke bitch ;

2: one who loses sight of her goals and her CAKE by focusing on BEEF and negativity.

Stud Muffin :\ˈstəd-mə-fən\: noun

1: a street savvy "man's man" who can only be tamed by a pink lipped barbie.

Waffle House : \ˈwä-fəl -ˈhau̇s\ : adjective

1: a clearly misguided old wrinkle

Heavy Rain


Consuming my clothing,
Soaking every bit.
I can't escape.
Drowning in the midst.
Hard to breath.
Patience slows
Wetting the Earth
Feeding its craving.
It is beatuty.
It it soothing.
Lulling me to sleep.
Keeping me cool.
The sound, pound, pound, pound.
On the ground.


Heavy Rain.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Are you a Champ?

-- "Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it."

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mr. Brandon Hines - Pretty WIngs


My brother acting like Pauline LOL


I dont know how to express it
I dont even want to address it
My flesh is stronger than my spirit
I want what I cant have
I crave it
I can't repress it
Its him Im speaking of
But he has a love
One that couldn't be broken
From me, or he, not even she
I could never taint such a beautiful thing
If he isn't w/ me
Then it wasnt meant to be
A friend he is
A good laugh he gives
Talented mos def
But...why waste my breath?
He wont hear me even if I spoke
He's blinded by the wheels she turns
Without a fancy spoke
She gitters w/out the gloss
Shines w/out the sun
And I wish
I could have her fame in his eyes
If maybe...only....just one night?
But that aint right
I could n'tdo it
Even if I was paid
To break the bond he holds with she

But I cant help but wonder....

She could be me....

Fuck yall

Fuck you
Fuck him
Fuck her
Fuck them
Fuck us?
Hmmph, no!


Invisible man

Im getting sleepy.
I fall asleep.
I wake up to man who makes me weak.
His kiss is like silk.
Taste like honey.
He whispers in my ear just how much he loves me.
His hands are strong and rough.
But his words are soft and gentle.
I lay on his chest as if it were my pillow.
His fingers play in my hair.
And I enhale the air.
I close my eyes kiss his cheek.
Oh his love is so sweat.
His arms envelope me.
Making me feel secure.
I hear the phone ring.
That darn thing.
It woke me from my slumber.
I pick it up.
Say hello.
The voice says wrong number.
I roll over. To an empty space.
Theres no man.
No familiar face.
Where did he go?
I want to scream.
When i realized i was having a dream.

So I write how I feel

I can say how I feel sometimes
My words make me choke
I wish I could express to you
My love, my dreams, my hope
But I can't
Though I am good with words
I can't speak
Rejection scares me most
I can't tell you
Face to face
So....I write how I feel

Ooh Weee He could get it

He don't know
That I watch his lips as he speaks
Think of all the naughty things he could do with his tonuge
While I sleep
How I undress him w/ my eyes
Sex him in my mind
I wish that he could read the thoughts that race through my head
Make them more than fantasies
Be more than that to me
Handle me gently while being rough
Kiss me with passion
My pants
He could unfasten
You know what I wana do to him
But I'll gladly admit it
Im not the promiscuous type
But Oh wee, He could get it

& so you can kiss my ASS

Silly motherfucker
Shakey ass dude
Tryna break me down
But that I will never do
Feeding us your lies
Keeping us blind
Whats your motivation?
Does it keep you live?
Living in a world
Full of people that you hate
Why are you still here?
This isn't a debate
I rebuke you satin
Your his spawn indeed
I shake you off
Your words will pass
Like water they flow off of me
And so, you can kiss my ass

Channing Tatum

Undeniably gorgeous

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Homo

Megan Fox


Amber & Nicki

These are some very beautiful women

bad bitches...

No homo

Ultimate Insane CRUSH

What a beautiful Human.
Im intrigued.

Mr. Don Cheadle

Creating at 3a.m

Nobody really cares...

You see me
You don’t speak
You hear me
You don’t reply
I’m falling
But you don’t help me

And it dawned on me

Nobody really cares

Thursday, August 6, 2009



Though far from it...

Year Song Chart positions[7] Album
U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B U.S. Rap UK
1992 "Take It EZ" – – 5 – Can I Borrow a Dollar?
"Breaker 1/9" – 107 10 –
1993 "Soul by the Pound" – 108 7 –
1994 "I Used to Love H.E.R." – 91 31 – Resurrection
1995 "Resurrection" 102 88 22 –
1996 "The Bitch in Yoo" – – – – Relativity Urban Assault
1997 "Retrospect for Life" (feat. Lauryn Hill) – – – – One Day It'll All Make Sense
"Reminding Me (Of Sef)" (feat. Chantay Savage) 101 57 9 59
1998 "All Night Long" (feat. Erykah Badu) – – – –
1999 "One-Nine-Nine-Nine" (feat. Sadat X) – – – – Soundbombing 2
"Car Horn" (feat. DJ Mark the 45 King) – – – – non-album single
2000 "The 6th Sense" (feat. Bilal) – 87 14 56 Like Water for Chocolate
"The Light" 44 12 13
2001 "Geto Heaven Remix T.S.O.I. (The Sound of Illadelph)" (feat. Macy Gray) – 61 – 48
2002 "While I'm Dancin'" (with Prime) – – – – Ground Original Presents: Clambake
"Come Close" (feat. Mary J. Blige) 65 21 18 – Electric Circus
"Come Close remix (Closer)" – 86 – –
2004 "Panthers" (with Dead Prez & The Last Poets) – – – – non-album single
"The Food" (feat. Kanye West & DJ Dummy) – – – – Be
2005 "The Corner" (feat. Kanye West & The Last Poets) 110 42 – 134
"Go!" (feat. Kanye West & John Mayer) 79 31 21 79
"Testify" 109 44 – –
"Faithful" (feat. Bilal & John Legend) – – – –
2007 "A Dream" (feat. – 116 – 108 Freedom Writers soundtrack
"The People" (feat. Dwele) 111 55 – – Finding Forever
"The Game" (feat. DJ Premier) – – – –
"Drivin' Me Wild" (feat. Lily Allen) – – – 56
"I Want You" (feat. 112 32 21 –
2008 "Universal Mind Control" (feat. Pharrell) 62 60 13 98 Universal Mind Control
"Announcement" (feat. Pharrell) – 94 – –

EPICsessions w/ Ryan Leslie - The making of Taste for your Love

EPICsessions w/ Pharrell W. & Daliah - The making of Midnight Hour

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So I pray

He often visits me in my dreams.....

.........but today.....

he was real......and then......

....he was gone....

so I pray.....

he returns.....

And my mind keeps going.....

back to where you are,
back to where I was
back to the nothingness
the overrated buzz

You said: you+me=eternity?


Your math was off.....

it actually equals 0

Small words; BIG meanings

Love, Lust, Commit, Admit, Trust, Lies, Endure, Hold, Share,


Thoughts of you,
Thoughts of me
Im a little afraid to admit it
But I love you
Can we be?

Anything else would f e e l....


Monday, August 3, 2009

My Nephew; Jalen Jamar Cole

He turned 4 yesterday...he's such a character..

The picture says it


He tweeted: "Promiscuity bothers tha ish outta me...I'm not here 2 judge but women please have substance don't just wanna F all tha dang time geeeezzz!!"

Isn't he cute?

Crushed on him since "Uh Huh" hit the air waves....turns out...

He really is amazing.

I wish I could find a guy who thinks like him....

Don't know him, but he seems like he has his head on right,

Which most people male or female don't seem to have within the music industry.

Kudos to him...

Follow him on Twitter!

You'll be inpressed...

I was.


Trey Songz

The best damn r&b Voice....male or female in this era...

Don't agree?

Suck slow....( curtesy of Kells & Flash hahaaa)

Not bad to look at either ^_^

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Van Hunt

I find him beautiful...soulful...elegant....great..


His music is a bit different for me, since I was raised listening to solely gospel...and I moved from that to r&b..

How is he defind? He is just simply who he is....He's Van...

Im intrigued...