Thursday, July 30, 2009

Somewhere over the Rainbow...

Spiritual Warfare and Dreams


Recently, I read a book, Dream and Visions by Pastor Jane Homan.

The book was very enlightening and very profound. It helped me a lot! I’ve always had dreams that I felt were maybe God speaking to me, but I could never decipher. I’ve been going through a lot lately, things within myself and in my family that I began to pray about last night as I finished the book.

I prayed until the wee hours of the morning, crying out to God, asking for his covering. And just a week ago, if even that, God had placed on my soul the words of what is now a song that I have written:

Cover me with your anointing
Cover me with you grace
Just like rain pour on me
Cover me Lord

Just a short version.

I’ve been searching for a way to live my dream out and I know it’s only possible through him. The word says ask and you shall receive and I believe in my God. So I’ve been pouring out my heart and soul to him, asking for a way.

I had a dream this morning upon my awakening, a dream that I believe was the Lord speaking to me, yet again, but this time I heard him so clearly!

In this dream there was a family. They had called me and asked me to help fix a bike. I tried to tell them I didn’t fix bikes, but I finally gave in and told them I would help. So they came to my apartment, and they brought two of their children, two young boys.

One boy got on the elevator with us to go up to my apartment, while the other stayed standing across the street from my building. I held the elevator for him and told him it was okay for him to come too, but he stayed where he was, the older boy then got off the elevator to stay with him and another boy appeared along side him, that’s when the younger boy crossed the street to come stand with the two boys.

To me it seemed a bit odd, the boy seemed a bit detached from the rest of the family, like he didn’t belong.

So, we got to my apartment and something in my house was missing…an elevator? I don’t know what the significance of the elevator was, but I commented, I said “It sure is better in here without the elevator taking up so much room.”

So as I began to fix the bike, the mother handed me some tools to fix the bike.

A small hammer
And a wedge

I began to use the wedge and hammer to pry something from the front wheel of the bike, but it showed heavy resistance. So I told the mother,” I have a slightly larger hammer I could use, or do you rather me use the one you provided?” I heard her say, “You don’t need bigger tools to get the job done.”

(That’s a revelation its self!)

So I proceeded to hit the hammer to the wedge and the hindrance came off of the wheel! The mother said, “See, I told you.” and asked if I could do something so that if her daughter needed, she could do it herself. I said yes and continued to work on the bike

I began to turn around and as I turned around the scene changed. I was staring out at a field watching as people moved bales of hay, making what seemed to be beds. I heard the mother say, “My daughter is away to college and she suffers from virtiligo , can you help her? “ So I watched as she was helped.

There was a man that helped her, he seemed to move slowly at first, but he helped her.

He said, “Many people in college fall ill, so first, I am going to set her on fire.”

The mother inquired why? It would harm her.

He then said, “It will hurt her some, but it will also heal her.” And so he lite her on fire and made her lay in a bed made of hay.

The man then said, ”Next I am going to lay on top of her to help put the fire out.” And so he did lay on top of her, covering his body with hers and the fire began to be smothered.

Somehow, the dream switched, and I was now the girl and I began to shiver, as if I were cold! And I was in a paralyzed state. Everyone that was around me moving in the field stopped and began to convulse as they stood. I saw a dark figure coming towards me and I began to call on the name of the lord.

I called “Lord, Lord, help me.”

And the dark figure began to waver away but it came back just as I got comfortable and had stopped calling on the lord.

All the while, the man was still covering my body with his.

So I kept calling on the Lord, the figure waver once again, came back once I fell tired and had stopped calling on the lord.

Once it came back, I resumed calling on the Lord. This time I cried for JESUS!

And the dark figure vanished completely and I awoke, calling on the name of Jesus!

What I got from that was an answer to my prayers. I had been saying those same words for about a week now.

“Lord cover me.”

And so his reply is that he is going to cover me, and heal me from my hurt.

Amen! I’m so blessed, and I know there’s a calling on m life.

Spiritual Warfare of REAL, though not all dreams are spiritual, take heed to your dreams.

God may be speaking to you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Comfortable in my awkward moments

I've learned to love myself
Even when Im doubtful of what I deserve
I've learned to Be free within myself
Unlock my mind to things I'd nomarlly close the door on
Let go of my insecurities
Hold on to my dreams
never forget who I am...

A common soul with an extrordinay gift;