Saturday, June 27, 2009

if I dont...

If I don’t struggle,
How will I know how it feels to succeed?
If I don’t fall,
How will I know what getting up means?
If I don’t close my eyes ,
How will I ever know what it’s like to see the beautiful sky?
If I don’t stop and hold my breath,
How will I know what a joy it is to breathe?
And If don’t sing,
How would I know how it feels to please a king?
I know I’m young
But my thoughts are profound
I know I’m meant to be
Living high off the ground
One day I’ll meet my savior
One day I’ll be the hope that someone gave ya

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sometimes Im a...

And I will never be ashamed

When I was with HIM...


Like a down pour of rain, anguish, pain.
My heart is hurting, dont know if I can maintain.
Your words sting worse than your fist.
There isnt a blow you throw that doesnt miss.
You say you love me, but to me it feels like hate.
How could everything go so wrong
In something meant to be great.
The clouds have rejected me and now Im feeling low.
Low down dirty shame, you've got the best of me.
Thats one thing I know.
My pride was shaven, it seems on every occasion
.....I play the fool.

Is our love remedial?
It seems disfunctional to me.
No matter how are I still dont understand.
No matter how hard I try, my efforts will never satisfy your greedy heart.
You want for to much and its tearing me apart.

Love me like you used to.

Like the new kid at school.
Everything is fresh, we'll make everything new.
I'll reintroduce myself if I have to.

Hi my name is Jess.
I'll give you all my best.

If you only love me and give me nothing less.


Cant sleep..
Cant eat..
I think...

Write down my words..
They become poems...
Hoping one day I'll be well known
Everyone will know 'em

I dream....
I drift...
Never wonder what if...

Never stop for a moment to think..
"maybe this is wrong"..
There are no "wrongs" in a creative mind..
Just ways to define..
What is..
What ain't me.....

Kill, Steal & Destroy...

I do..

  • Kill every negative thought...
  • Steal every opportunity to be great...
  • And I destroy the devil's plan to keep me mediocure..

I will never be...

I make sure of it...

I never sleep...

- Insomnia

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Loves Salvation

I love your voice, the way it twangs
Your a rockstar to me, without the fading fame
Your truth set me free and I am grateful
Your truly sincere, from what I can hear
The fact that you like me, really excits me
Your spirit is unique much like your name
And you shine in my eyes Like a glistening star
And I wish I wish I could be where you are
Take the bitterness out of my mouth from what the last guy did
I'm tired of holding a grudge on all men
Show me the light that envelops you
And gives off the gleam that bounces off to me
Am I right? Am I wrong?
Maybe I'll write a song
Am I sleep? Or awake?
God is this my fate?
I a damsel? Are you my knight?
No way on earth this could be right Me?
Admired from afar..a far far afar?
So much distance between us, your in mars, I'm in venus..
What could come from it?
You tell me cause I don't know it
I dream of you sometimes, that's how surreal you are
And the words you speak, its like you read my min
Full of false hope, dreams deferred
I know this isn't real
But I'm not hurt
I know some day
I'll earn someone like you
One day he'll ask me..babe can I wife you?
And I'll say yes With no hesitation

One day I'll be rescued and given loves salvation