Monday, October 19, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And I feel myself more than before

Cool Photo


Alone I stand
A solo destiny
Mirrors dont reflect
They just...
Show whats left of me
Shattered pieces..
Of broken glass
No glue can mend it
So I settle for half
To my left
And my right..

And ALL my surroundings

I notice...

Theres no one around me

No one to understand

No helping hands


Scowls of those who look down on me

With an ever growing frown for me.

No one really knows just who I am

So I bottle it up

Send it off to sea

Hope that one day it lands in the sand

One day...

Someone will pick the bottle up,

Twist the cap

And open it up.

That day, I will be free

Today is that day.

Today I am free.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Your remind me of New York

Look at those lights
They remind me of the very first night
I fell in love with you
It felt so bright
Cause I was glowing on the inside
It was so right
You remind me of New York
I love the city and Flashing lights
The make me fall in love again
Every single night
And every moment I get
I fall in love with you
Over and over again
You remind me of New York

You inspire me to write...

I miss the way you used to hold me at night.
And I even miss the way you made me cry.
The little things I used to complain about that you didn't do
don't even matter cause all I needed was you.
And now that your gone
and I'm here left alone to mend my heart.
Makes me want to erase your memory from my thoughts.
I wish I could I forget all the days that we spent together.
But when I remember all shit, you did.
I see, what I miss is not you.
I miss the thought of havin a boo.
Sorry. . . .
You fool. :)