Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whats your favorite MJ song?

If I had to choose!! This would be my all time favorite!

I'm going to hell!!

I'm sorry Jesus..but...I laughed and frowned at the same time as I watched this.

It made me feel weird.

Man I'm fresh as hell w/ my Hoodie on !

Your blog sucks !!

Hey, guess what?

Yeah..your blog is shitty!

Cause all you do is talk about people. You "Gossip Girl"

Go head wit cho bad self! You "got your shit together" huh?

[Chris Crocker] Bitch Please! [/Chris Crocker]

Your personality matches one of a rock.


Oh but you sure do got one hell of a mouth, and that mufucka keeps any and everybody's name in it.


You go getter you!


GO Chris !

Monday, December 14, 2009

Word Association.

Promises - Lies

Family - Disloyal

Success - Future

Love - Spoiled

Happiness - Distant

Sleep - Deprived

Forgive - Heal

Forget - Never

Settle - Less

Life - Journey

Defeated - Weak

Obey - God

Cleanse - Cry

Wealth - Spiritual

Monday, December 7, 2009

I feel, pointless..

i feel stuck. my life is on pause, because of certain circumstances. something in my heart just doesn't feel right. I pray, i ask God to guide me, give me the wisdom I need to move forward, the skill, the will. and its as if my faith is void. I know he hears me, he's working on my behalf, i just don't know how to receive what he's telling me to do. i fill like i'm taking up space, like i could easily be replaced. and i know thats not the case. everyone was made with a unique purpose in mind...but...what is mine? i sing, i write, i tell stories that may help someone, but...will it ever reach the right ear? i feel...dead....as if i'm just a walking spirit in limbo. you know, the space between heaven and hell...which i believe to be earth. i just feel like i'm running on a treadmill, with my goal a mile ahead of me, and i'll never reach it...because i'm on a treadmill....i'm running and running as fast as i can, but i'm not going anywhere. i even feel, worthless..in a financial sense...i depend on my parent to much. and, mary told me it was normal...granted i'm only 21 and am in the stage of becoming an adult. but i only half believe that. yes...i am in the stage of becoming an adult...however...i don't believe i should be so dependent on my parents. i've always been a fairly independent person, holding down multiple jobs at once. but when high school ended, i decided to put my all into following my dream of becoming a sing/song writer, that i lost grip of what it was like to have a "real job" as some of my close loved ones call it. i can only say to them...a 9-5 isn't for me..and i know, you have to start somewhere...i just don't know where or how to start. stuck...that feeling is the worst feeling to ever feel i believe.

and when your stuck, your vulnerable to any and everything. and if your vulnerable, thats a weakness, no one praises weakness, no praise or complements for what you are passionate about discourages you, being discouraged leads to feeling defeated...and when your defeated your hopeless...when your hopeless, you quit..and quitters.... quitters are pointless....


Thursday, December 3, 2009

My biggest fear

My biggest fear is not being acceptable in God's eyes.
My biggest fear is not being all that i was made to be.
My biggest fear is that someone i love will be left behind on judgement day.
My biggest fear is that i will fail.
My biggest fear is that life is an illusion.
My biggest fear is that my children will not love me.
My biggest fear is that divorce will claim my marriage.
My biggest fear is being inadequate.

My BIGGEST fear...

is actually fear

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You better say that!


Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

Dear Arie...

Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

--love, your best friend..Jess

a DAMN mess!!

I'm a Nicki fan..however...this..shouldn't be happening

Can you teach you child to speak correctly first!!


World AIDS day!!

Stop AIDS, keep the promise!

Get tested!!